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The Australian Government SuperStream Initiative
Superstream aims to improve efficiency in the Australian Superannuation industry by mandating two data exchange standards. The first is "Rollovers", where savings are transferred from one fund to another (mandatory for APRA regulated funds by July 1 2013 and all funds by July 1 2014). The second is "Member Contributions", where regular payments are made by employers to funds of the employees choice (mandated for large employers by 1 July 2014 and all employers by 1 July 2015.

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IT Service Management

The Australian Government ITSM Data Exchange Project
The ITSM Data Exchange project aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of IT service management in an increasingly outsourced environment. All organisations need to manage the integrated view of service delivery by their suppliers (or to their customer). In order to avoid the errors and inefficiencies associated with manual management of service catalogs, problem tickets, service requests, and so on, this initiative provides a single standard for catalog exchange, service requests, and status updates.

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