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The Australian Government SuperStream Initiative
Superstream aims to improve efficiency in the Australian Superannuation industry by mandating two data exchange standards. The first is "Rollovers", where savings are transferred from one fund to another - mandatory for APRA regulated funds by July 1 2013. The second is "Member Contributions", where regular payments are made by employers to funds of the employees choice - mandatory for large employers by 1 July 2014 and all employers by 1 July 2015.

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ebMS3 / AS4

The ebMS3 and AS4 Peer-to-Peer Secure Messaging Standards
ebMS3 is a standard that describes a protocol neutral method for exchanging electronic business messages. It is produced by the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and has two main parts – Part 1, Core Features and Part 2, Advanced Features. In order to aid interoperability, the specification supports the concept of profiles which represent targeted subsets of the overall functionality. Of note is the set of profiles called AS4, which is also an OASIS standard.

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