B2B Interoperability

Made Easy

ComplianceTest supports end-to-end automation of B2B processes by providing:

  • A community-centric approach to standards compliance
  • An automated self-service test harness
  • A register of certified products and service end-points

Confidence for your Customers

How can you provide confidence to your customers that your product or service is interoperable with others in your industry? Despite your best efforts to interpret and implement a standard, there are often too many options and questions that make interoperability very uncertain. Test your product against the ComplianceTest reference implementation and:

  • Increase interoperability confidence because you are testing against the same system as others.
  • Save costs because it’s far cheaper to re-use our service than build your ownstubs and test cases

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Confident Data Exchange

It ought to be as easy as sending or receiving an email.  But genuine end-to-end automation between businesses is tricky because different business software systems don't easily talk to each other.  But if you are using a product that has been ComplianceTest certified then you can trust that it will be interoperable with any other similarly certified system :

  • Publish your business end-point so your business partners can find you.  Eliminate manual handling costs for inbound documents.
  • Discover your business partners and send them automated transactions.  Reduce errors and get confirmation of receipt.

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Empower Your Community

You've created a data exchange standard specifically to drive efficiencies into your community.  But testing is hard, many implementations aren't interoperable, and uptake is slow.  You aren't really sure how widely your standard is used.  This is a common case with data standards - here's how ComplianceTest can help:

  • Build a test suite as you develop your standard, not as an afterthought.  Then implementers have a concrete reference to follow.
  • Monitor your community growth using the registry.  Catch issues early and update both your standard and the test suite.

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Getting Started
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ComplianceTest Provides a fully automated self-service testing framework.
Just follow the steps below to get confidence that your product or service will be interoperable with others.

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    SuperStream aims to improve efficiency in the Australian Superannuation industry through data standards. 

    • “Rollovers”, where savings are transferred from one fund to another (mandatory for APRA regulated funds by July 1 2013 and all funds by July 1 2014). 
    • “Member Contributions”, where regular payments are made by employers to funds of the employees choice (mandated for large employers by 1 July 2014 and all employers by 1 July 2015.
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